What is DermaPlaning?

DermaPlaning is a safe, pain free, and effective physical exfoliation treatment. A custom scalpal is used to remove dead skin cells as well as vellus hair. Revealing a glowing and flawless complextion.  

This treatment is great for all skin types espcially dry or aging skin. It is also a safe treatment to undergo during pregnancy.

Benefits of DermaPlaning

- Reduce the appearance of fine lines

- Aides in the stimulation of collagen

- Removes facial hair painlessly without irritation 

- Provides deeper product penetration

- Removes peach fuzz that traps in oils and dirt

- Removes dead skin

- Reduces appearance of scarring

- Reduces appearance of dark spots

Cost of DermaPlaning

$85 Facial DermaPlaning

$15 to add on a light chemical peel