What Are Needle Free Fillers?



Needless Hyaluronic acid injection enhancement is a new innovative that penetrates fillers using spring action pressure instead of needles. Benefits include little to no bleeding, little to no bruising, and little to no swelling. 

Whether you want enhanced cheeks, reduction in deep wrinkles, or lip enhancement; this treatment is the best PAIN FREE treatment available today. 

Hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring in our body, therefore there are no risks of allergic reaction! Hyaluronic acid is said to hold 1,000x it’s weight in water, so your fillers will continue to expand which can be aided by drinking lots of water. Another great benefit of hyaluronic acid is that it promotes natural collagen production within your skin; giving you even more Youth back!



$400 per 1cc

* Special offer- $100 off your first 1cc. 


Typical Amount Needed Per Area?

- Lips/Full (1-2cc)

- Lips/Flip (0.5-1cc) 

- Forehead lines (1-2cc)

- Fine lines- full face (0.5-3cc)

- Eyebrow Lift (0.5cc per side)

- Frown lines or 11’s (0.5cc)

- Nose Bridge (0.5-1cc)

- Tear Trough (0.5-1cc per side)

- Crows feet (0.5cc per side)

- Cheeks (1-3cc per side)

- Laugh Lines (1-3cc)

- Chin/jawline (1-3cc)